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Implement a Bluetooth Based In-Vehicle Message System to Alert Motorists in Workzones

A prototype system was previously developed to investigate the feasibility of using in-vehicle messages to heighten drivers’ awareness of safety-critical and pertinent work zone information. The previous effort focused on using an inexpensive technology based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags that can be deployed in or ahead of the work zone. An Android smartphone app was developed to trigger non-distracting, auditory-visual ...more »

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Idea Submitted by : Chen-Fu Liao

List your MnDOT Office,District,City, County, Univ. or Other : University of Minnesota

Idea Champion - Who at MnDOT/LRRB? : Ken Johnson

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The proposed approach could establish an alternative to automatic speed enforcement to potentially change the behavior in work zones by providing dynamic work zone information. This project will prepare us for a later field operational test. The outcome of this project will allow MnDOT to provide audible work zone information to drivers through a smartphone or a vehicle’s infotainment system. This project will provide guidelines for engineers and operational staff to determine the placement of tagged landmarks at work zones for triggering in-vehicle messages. The smartphone app can potentially be integrated with a 511 system or other navigation apps to dynamically receive relevant work zone information.

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