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Deploy and Evaluate the Effectiveness of New Driver-Assist Systems for Maintenance Operations

Snowplow operators often face environmental challenges such as severe weather conditions and poor visibility while performing tasks required to successfully clear roadways. We have developed two driver-assist systems, i.e., a lane boundary guidance system and a backup assist system, to support snowplow operators. Human factors studies have been conducted for both applications to gather operator feedback regarding different ...more »

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Idea Submitted by : Chen-Fu Liao and Max Donath

List your MnDOT Office,District,City, County, Univ. or Other : University of Minnesota

Idea Champion - Who at MnDOT/LRRB? : Cory Johnson

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Snowplowing is a challenging task especially in severe weather conditions where visibility and roadway boundary cues are limited. It is important to ensure safety and provide situation awareness for the plow operators. Our lane boundary guidance and backup assist systems have been demonstrated and can be deployed to support snowplow operations and enhance safety. This proposed research will enhance the relatively low-cost driver-assist systems we developed in 2016-17 to better meet the needs of snowplow operators and provide useful information to support both plowing operations and backing up the plow.

Project Type - MnDOT or LRRB / Research, Implementation or TRS : MnDOT Research


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