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Use of Ground Penetrating Radar Technology for Critical Civil Infrastructure Assessment and Manageme

The research hypothesis is that the ground penetrating radar technology, in combination with other established/emerging NDE technologies (Tetrahertz [THz] imaging, Step Frequency Radar [SFR], Falling Weight Deflectometer [FWD], etc.) could be used to create fused data and visualizations in the context of critical civil infrastructure assessment and management.

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Idea Submitted by : Dr. David Eisenmann

List your MnDOT Office,District,City, County, Univ. or Other : Iowa State University

Idea Champion - Who at MnDOT/LRRB? : Paul Rowkamp

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It is anticipated that the proposed study will provide significant insights into the use of GPR-based hybrid/multi sensing technologies for advanced and rapid critical infrastructure assessment and management. Specific recommendations from this work will provide guidance on extending the technology to other similar areas such as railroad inspection, airport pavement evaluation, etc.

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