Piloting Data-Driven Parking Management Strategies in the Capitol Complex

The project seeks to pilot a data-driven parking demand management strategy that meets the needs of multiple user types and maximizes utilization of surface parking while providing flexibility for commuters who want to use other transportation options some of the time. The Minnesota Department of Administration manages parking on the Capitol Complex; as the number of state employees continues to grow in the Complex, ...more »

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Idea Submitted by : Lisa Ausitn, Becky Alper (St. Paul Smart Trips) and Kelly Morrell (Metro Transit)

List your MnDOT Office,District,City, County, Univ. or Other : Office of Transit

Idea Champion - Who at MnDOT/LRRB? : Tim Henkel

Why is this a priority and what are the benefits for the State/County/City? :

Smart parking management is key to any regional travel demand management program. The State Capitol Complex is a job center which generates thousands of trips on Twin Cities roads at peak demand times. Demonstrating the value of data-driven parking management, as opposed to investing millions in additional supply, allows the State and the metropolitan region to promote such strategies to other major regional employers. What is learned from this pilot will inform parking management decisions all of the state.

Project Type - MnDOT or LRRB / Research, Implementation or TRS : MnDOT Implementation


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