MnROAD Test Sections

Zero Run-off Roadways

This is a request for consideration for the use of TDA in replacement of large stone aggregate possibly at the MN Roads Facility. This aggregate replacement would be used in an underground stormwater infiltration system designed for roadways assisting with detaining-retaining road stormwater runoff. This test design would utilize TDA in a area under the driving surface or existing roadside ditches.


The desired data collected would help support future design calculations for stormwater retention designs, meeting the water storage volume requirements with TDA and the extra percentage of void space available in TDA .


TDA's ability to treat stormwater runoff.

Two water sample locations would be set up. The first would be placed immediately prior to the stormwater runoff reaching the infiltration system inlet, and the second would be placed in the subsoil 2 feet below the infiltration system exit.


What is also needed is the construction implementation side.

Research focus:

Pilot project that measures volume reduction, pollutant load changes through the system, and visual assessment of biofilms

Development of a design and decision tool

Development of special provisions, engineer's estimate

Development of CAD details, bid ready plans

Development of operations and maintenance manual



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