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The real value of Toward Zero Death

The real value of TZD has not been shown in terms of lives saved including reduced serious/minor injuries along with health care cost savings and employee/employer’s cost savings. The data to date reflects the lower number of crashes and related lower fatalities and corresponding injuries. We have not been showing the public the savings data resulting from the fewer crashes that is the result of the TZD program.


This research proposal would determine the savings by calculating the difference between the projected crashes, fatalities, and associated injuries that would have likely occurred if TZD had not been implemented and actual recorded numbers. This would be done for each year since the start of TZD. In addition, the costs associated with TZD such as safety projects, salaries for TZD coordinators in MnDOT, etc., would also have to be subtracted from the savings.


This might be quite time consuming depending on what is to be included in the investment. There are some salaries that are easy to add, however there are other hours invested that would be difficult to identify the exact costs, so that will have to be determined by the TAP. It is anticipated that the real value will be so large that some of the investment costs may have a negligible effect.


The result of this study would set up a method to calculate the real value of TZD on an annual basis that would be publicized to show that it is a worthwhile investment with high returns.

Data sheets show only the crash results and not the savings. It seems that we are missing out on the main reason for implementing TZD.


Idea Submitted by : Luane Tasa

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People involved in TZD need to see that their efforts are valued. Currently we see the reduction in crashes and fatalities, however the value of those reduced crashes are only in numbers and the other values in terms of savings in grief, sorrow, and financial are not measured and are the very reason TZD was initiated. The benefits would be to energize the TZD efforts by having annual reports of these savings to the public to raise more awareness of TZD. We have been promoting a 5th E in the NW district and that is Everyone. This is one way of getting the message out that everyone should be involved in changing the culture of safety while driving the highways.

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