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There are a variety of mill and overlay methods and a variety of crack sealing methods used for Minnesota roadways. Understanding how well these methods peform in terms of pavement life and the minimization of reflective cracking would be beneficial to roadway agencies. Several alternative methods have been used in recent years and a review of the effectiveness of current best practices would help inform cities and counties throughout the state. The range of methods studied should include using soy bean oil (know as Replay or Texas Under Seal) as a pre-treatment to overlay and as a subsitute for chip sealing.


State Aid Pre-Screening Input:

Are there processes of mill and overlay or crack sealing that work best? What can be used to reduce reflective cracking? Any other pretreatments that would help Mill and Overlays last longer could be added under number 32. How about using Soybean Oil (Replay) rejuvenator after milling and before the overlay as a pre-treatment. Basically the same process as a TUS (Texas Under Seal) but using RePlay instead of a Chip Seal? How popular is this in MN? What are the best practices for doing this? Would like to know how its working for others. Supposed to reduce reflective cracking. This was installed on CR19 by the SD state line last year. Scott county did it just this year. Effectiveness of using an under seal. Was originally called a Texas underseal.



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