Traffic and Safety

Enhancement and Integration of the TeTRIS and TICAS Freeway Performance Tools

This project would integrate the TeTRIS and TICAS Freeway Performance Tools into one system. The Traffic Information & Condition Analysis System (TICAS) was developed for the RTMC several years ago to help extract RTMC freeway data and develop performance measures for the metro freeway system. TeTRIS is currently being developed to be able to monitor travel time reliability on metro freeways. This project would combine TeTRIS and TICAS into one tool plus incorporate additional weather data from either the National Weather Service or MDSS. The system could also incorporated with a system being developed for developing Winter Maintenance Performance Measures.


Developing and maintaining a resilient freeway network, which can absorb, recover and adapt to actual and potential adverse events, is of critical importance in sustaining the way of life and economic vitality of the metro area. Through the enhanced tool developed in this project, research could be completed to study freeway network resiliency which could help MnDOT develop operational strategies or corridor improvements to improve resiliency and travel time reliability.

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