Creating snow fence demonstrations with the UMN

Recent research as part of ongoing research between MnDOT and the University of Minnesota has highlighted the need for 1) demonstrations of blowing and drifting snow and blow ice snow fence control measures to show potential landowner-adopters of snow fences how they work and 2) how they affect agricultural operations and specifically how can interruptions in agricultural operations be minimized by snow fence designs and the impact of snow fences on field moisture over a growing season and the subsequent impact on agricultural operations.


We propose to work with the University of Minnesota campuses throughout the state to establish snow fences on University properties under a variety of designs both structural (constructed) and living (trees and shrubs) and subsequently measure snow control and field moisture impacts over 3 years. Parallel to the work on UMN sites, we will also enlist landowners with existing snow fences to monitor the snow control and moisture impacts of the fences over a 3 year period.


Snow control sites will be added as case studies to the Farmmaps App currently being developed by MnDOT and UMN and made available to landowners interested in learning more about snow fences.


As part of the project we will develop outreach materials for landowners as part of MnDOT's current outreach efforts and plan field days for interested landowners and natural resource professionals.



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