Materials and Construction

Bituminous Underseal on Local Roadways

The City of Minneapolis is constructing a test section of a bituminous underseal in 2019. The section is broken into three 660-foot segments. The goal of this research is to monitor the performance of the test sections and determine the benefit, if any, gained from the application of the bituminous underseal.


The appeal of a bituminous underseal is it combines a chip seal with a mill-and-overlay. Both techniques are maintenance or rehabilitation techniques that are routinely performed by the City of Minneapolis, which makes construction of the underseal less-daunting for our municipality.


Quality Control testing will be self-performed by the City of Minneapolis' Engineering Lab, and the construction self-performed by the City of Minneapolis' paving department.


Two goals for this reaseach are:

1 – Did the bituminous underseal increase the life of the pavement?

2 – Quantifying the increased life to determine if the additional operation was cost-effective



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