Use of Mussel Spat Rope for Fish passage.


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A video ( shows fresh water fish using Mussel Spat Rope to assist them in passing through a steep pipe. Would like to see this tested on one of our culverts in a federally protected fish species (Topeka Shiner) habitat. Also to see what other species of fish could utilize this method to assist them in traveling through culverts that are not fish friendly.


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Idea Submitted by: Petra DeWall

List your MnDOT Office,District,City, County, Univ. or Other: Bridge Office/ Hydraulics Unit

Idea Champion - Who at MnDOT/LRRB? : Petra DeWall

Project Type - MnDOT or LRRB / Research, Implementation or TRS: Joint MnDOT/LRRB Research

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    This is an option that should be pursued for having in the culvert retrofitting 'toolbox' for fish passage. If it is found to work here in Minnesota, it could also be an important tool (an inexpensive one too) for those culverts that are structurally adequate, yet functionally inadequate for fish passage. This is a situation that comes up regularly in trout stream areas throughout the state.