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Test sinusoidal rumbles to supplement current rumble design

In some projects, noise concerns have been raised by the public with the implementation of centerline rumble strips. Sinusoidal rumbles, developed in northern European countries, have the potential to reduce noise complaints as they are supposed to have less external noise. There are a couple of different designs that have been installed in California and Pennsylvania. This research would look at different patterns of sinusoidal rumbles and their impact on internal vehicle noise, internal vehicle vibratory response, external noise, and other vehicle-types, such as motorcycles and bicycles.


Submitted by Ken Johnson 7 months ago

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  1. This is really important to forward MnDOT's abiltiy to continue to install rumble strips. MnDOT's engineering challenge is to design an effective rumble strip that has 0 noise pollution!

    7 months ago

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