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MnPAVE-Rigid 2.0

MnDOT recently developed MnPAVE-Rigid, a design tool for rigid pavements, to succeed RigidPave. MnPAVE-Rigid provides local and state pavement engineers with a design that is localized for Minnesota climate and traffic and based on mechanistic-empirical pavement performance models. After gaining access to MnPAVE-Rigid near the completion of the associate research project, engineers requested changes to the program that could not be accommodated due to both their timing and their lying out of scope of the project work, which was already extensive. Some of the more substantial suggestions included:

1. Developing additional guidance on the use of local axle load spectra, including the expansion of the program to accommodate a worksheet or table to help engineers select a non-default load spectra if required.

2. Matching MnPAVE-Rigid and MnPAVE project inputs and reliability levels as closely as possible and mirroring project report output files.

Funding for the development of a revised version of MnPAVE-Rigid, or MnPAVE-Rigid Version 2.0, would assist in the successful implementation of MnPAVE-Rigid. In particular, the goal of harmonizing MnPAVE-Rigid and MnPAVE is one that will further benefit MnDOT in the development of alternative bids on paving projects. Additionally, it would allow the developers to address any user comments that have arisen in the initial implementation of MnPAVE-Rigid.


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Idea Submitted by: Luke Johanneck

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