How do we effectively connect transitways to final destinations (The Last Mile)?

This idea was presented during the annual TIRP brainstorming session of what topics they would be interested in funding for research.

Examine the role of the last mile (or first on the return trip) and what role bikes, bikeshare, car share, feeder buses, pedestrians, etc.

Areas to take into considerations with this topic:

Who is the audience - public vs private; and what is the stake in each? More than just physical mechanisms, but how would it be funded? Reliablity year round for all ages and abilities. How to involve cities and counties so they want to partner and support. What synergies occur with use of multi-transit options?


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Idea Submitted by: Brenda Thomas-on Behalf of TIRP

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Idea Champion - Who at MnDOT/LRRB? : Pat Bursaw

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    Mike Schadauer

    While this is clearly a topic worth exploring, especially for people who are disabled, I hope that there will be some consideration of the health value of active transportation (I.e. Walking and bicycling) the final mile.

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    ( Moderator )

    The proposal from Jason Cao "Exploring Walking Tolerance of Transitway Users" was funded, and will meet MnDOT's financial commitment to TIRP for FY16 and FY17.