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Deicer Usage Dashboard to Aid in Decicion-Making

The main tasks may include:

1. Assess initial MNDOT User Requirements for the Deicer Usage Dashboard and survey current Deicer Usage practices of MNDOT districts, availability of RWIS and other relevant information, etc.

2. Adopt the Iowa DOT Dashboard source code for the MNDOT Dashboard Development

3. Design the prototype of MNDOT Deicer Usage Dashboard using real data from MNDOT

4. Test and refine the prototype

5. Make viable recommendations to implement the Dashboard


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Idea Submitted by: Xianming Shi, PhD, PE

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Idea Champion - Who at MnDOT/LRRB? : State Maintenance Engineer

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    xianming Shi ( Idea Submitter )

    The last decades have seen steady increase in the use of chloride-based ice control products for winter maintenance operations, along with the awareness of associated risks to motor vehicles, transportation infrastructure and the natural environment. There is an urgent need to “keep a tighter control on deicer usage” for winter highway maintenance. Tools are also needed to “provide a uniform and predictable level of services, and keeps costs within budget” of winter maintenance program and can be used to “identify practices that seem to provide better service with less deicer”.

    A best practice implemented by the Iowa DOT since August 2011 is a Salt Use Dashboard, the inputs of which include pavement temperature etc. from road weather information systems (RWIS), storm information from standard crew reports, level-of-service (LOS) target of specific highway segments, along with standard application guidelines whereas the outputs of which include actual deicer usage vs. weather-based deicer usage estimates at state, district, and garage levels (see screenshots included herein) and in daily, pay period, and Year-to-Date summaries.